Spring Cleaning Your Home 2018

Spring Cleaning Your Home 2018

Whether you are listing your home or not, it’s important to create an environment that’s as stress free as possible.  Here are a few spring cleaning and home maintenance reminders!

1 – Change Batteries To Fire Alarms 

2 – Change Furnace Filters, Clean Furnace And Vents

3 – Clean Dryer Vent

4 – Windows Inside And Out

5 – Gutters

6 – Organize And Clean Garage

7 – Closets – Sort Through Clothes, Keep, Donate Or Throw. Organize And Dust Shelves, Little Or Nothing On The Floors

8 – Washrooms (get rid of expired makeup and creams etc)

9 – Dust Light Fixtures

10 – Blinds And Window Sills

11 – Office-Organize Cabinets, Back Up OR Delete Old Files On Computer, File And Shred

“Let’s make your dream the one you live in!”