Jesse Johar


“I understand the expectations an investor clients represents and believe in building long-term relationships.  I work in a way to help my clients reach their real estate investment goals at each stage of their lives.”

Real Estate Investors

I recognize that the key to achieving superior real estate investment results is by estimating the performance expectations embedded in the current real estate market and then correctly anticipate revisions in those expectations. I believe that clients expect a Professional Realtor with a host of approaches with their different value investments. They should only expect a Realtor that understands the importance of using the right strategies for their various investments. This success is achievable with the appropriate strategy then managed with a systematic and disciplined method. An ethical advice with structured approach prevents emotional investing and creates clear advantage for a successful investor client.

This is what real estate investors should expect from their realtor, just in the way their professional money managers would work with them today.

It is crucial to understand the economic factors, industry and market trends along with a consistent approach. By presenting favourable opportunities, providing positive benefits, which is a key factor to their lifestyle.

I want my clients to have significant advantage, this is my commitment.


As a REALTOR®, I can appreciate the value of the reports you’re about to read.  I pride myself in keeping up to date with industry trends and being able to provide my clients with a holistic picture of the market, informed by research such as that included in these market reports.  Whether you’re interested in a quick snapshot of the market or in obtaining a greater understanding of some of the policy issues that impact housing affordability.  I am confident that this report will provide you with valuable information and insight.

Sales, dollar volume, average sale prices and median sale prices are based on firm transactions entered into the Toronto MLS system between the first and last day of the month/period being reported.  Housing Market Charts, Rental and Regional Reports.