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Smart Home


A smart home provides security, energy savings and convenience. It increases the marketability for your home.

Smart Home technology is providing homeowners with ways to simplify tasks, save money, increase security, and feel more comfortable, whether at home or away. As a Smart Home Realtor Jesse Johar is dedicated to educating home buyers and sellers about the benefits of a connected home.


More Room, More Efficiency and Very cool. While refrigerators might not appear as outwardly techy as some of their other kitchen counterparts. The advanced features provide homeowners with more food storage convenience and cost savings.

Alarm System

Stay Connected and Protected, 24 hours a day. Alarm systems have come a long way from loud sirens that merely scare off intruders. Today the modern security system provides the homeowner total control and constant monitoring when they are home or away.

Smart Doorbell

Ever ignored the doorbell because you didn’t know who was there or weren’t expecting visitors? This smart doorbell lets you video chat with visitors from your phone. Smart video doorbell and motion detector is app enabled and allows users to see anyone at their door from virtually anywhere. The innovative doorbell has a HD 1080P camera with night vision, a smart light and a convenient garage door opener.

Safety Alerts

Beeping is for traffic jams. If your alarm goes off. Is it smoke, Invisible carbon monoxide, or just burnt popcorn? With a traditional smoke alarm, it is impossible to know what that beep means. With Smart Smoke and CO Alarm it gives you the critical information you need in an emergency, so you know what to do. It tells you the problem and where it is. It can send alerts directly to your phone, in case you’re not home and letting you know what’s happening

Electronic Locks

Did you say leave the keys under the mat? Not anymore. Whether it is your friends, family, or the cable guy, sometimes it’s difficult to be there when others need to access your home. The Smart electronic locks make it possible for homeowners to control access to their house from their smart phone device.

Cooking Ranges

Turn your next meal into a work of art. From fresh local produce, to exotic imported ingredients. Food lovers everywhere have become more discerning when it comes to dining out. They are more adventurous when cooking at home. Smart cooking technology is helping aspiring chefs create amazing dinners and events at home that were once reserved for five-star establishments.

Temperature Control

Comfort, control and cost savings. The traditional thermostats need to be programmed to save energy. The problem is, most people never program their thermostat. The Nest learning Thermostat is quite different. It learns from you and your home, then it programs itself to help save you energy and keep you comfortable.

Smart Lighting

Turn on your lights even before you get home. Today homeowners can turn their lights on or off from a mobile device, whether they area at home or away. The Wireless dimmers are becoming increasingly popular, creating peace of mind and adding convenience to everyday life.

Wi-Fi Router and Extender

A Reliable Wi-Fi is the foundation for every smart home. You can stay connected to all your smart home products to deliver the top-notch reliability and speed your smart home products deserve. A Reliable Wi-Fi from the bedroom to the backyard. The construction materials of your home, alarm systems, microwaves, and cordless phones can interrupt your Wi-Fi connection. It can take more than moving your router to get rid of these dead zones in your home. That is where a range extension solution come in. A Wi-Fi range extender will boosts your Wi-Fi to eliminate dead zones indoors and outside for uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection.

Voice Control For Your Home

Imagine a hands free voice controlled device that uses the power of cloud computing to control appliances, play music, make phone call and secure your home. All just by using the sound of your voice.

Entertainment - Smart TV’s

A Smart TV & Streaming Devices that have built-in Internet connectivity, allowing it to access a range of online services including video on demand, social networking, making video calls, and instant messaging. They even have a fully featured web browser which allows access the internet.

Heating & Cooling - Smart HVAC Systems, Smart Fans or Vents

Smart HVAC technology is innovating the way we consume energy for cooling and heating. This means they help you make smarter consumption choices based on data, can help you lower utility costs, and can even extend the lifespan of HVAC systems by helping you stay up to date on maintenance tasks.

Outdoors - Smart Plant Sensors & Watering Systems

Not around to water your plants? The Smart watering system for gardens using wireless sensor networks. Smart valves automatically water different types of herbs, flowers and plants.