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Caledon is a vibrant place to live, work and play.  It is best known for its spectacular landscape and dazzling topography.  Caledon’s beauty stems from its two dominant landforms, the Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine which converge in the Caledon Hills to form a landscape aesthetic that is unparalleled in the Greater Toronto Area.  Just north of Toronto and only 30 to 45 minutes from Pearson International airport you can Discover Caledon’s rolling hills, stately mansions and estates.  For many years those who are looking for a home away from the hustle and bustle of the big city have opted for property in Caledon.  The area is home to a large number of spacious, treed lots with streams and horse farms, as a well as friendly neighbours and plenty of fresh air.  Whether you are looking for a more relaxed place to spend your evenings after working in the city, or you’re simply trying to find an area where you can comfortably house your horses, there are plenty of things to love about Caledon Ontario.

Caledon Real Estate

Caledon Real Estate is really the fusion of the best of both worlds.  Enjoy the cultured city on day trips and head into the city for business, but come back home to a more natural beauty.  Caledon is known for its farmer’s markets, beautiful natural conservation areas, hiking trails, hunting and fishing.  Caledon housing is mostly made up of single-family homes spread out throughout the area, but there is a small number of condos available as well.  Caledon Real Estate is more reasonably priced for being so close to the Toronto area, and homes in Caledon are generally upscale and well-maintained in most of the surrounding communities.  Just to highlight some of the diversity of Caledon Real Estate, the housing that exists here is beautiful estate subdivision living from 1/2 to 10 acre lots.  Many of these properties and homes are with mature oak ridges moraine forests, ponds and streams.   So whether you’re looking for a cozy few bedrooms or a luxurious estate, there are plenty of options for you to consider in the Town of Caledon. It is one of the most spacious and natural places to call home surrounding the Toronto area, and this makes it a very sought-after location.

Discover Caledon Properties

Seeing it for yourself is how you truly fall in love with this wonderful region. From the community that thrives within each township, to the beautiful greenery that covers the region located within The Greenbelt, everyday you find something new to be grateful for in your own backyard.
Caledon Real Estate is a spacious region, and is known for its generously sized lots, beautiful homes and more reasonable housing prices than many other communities local to Greater Toronto Area.

The Communities of Caledon | Caledon Real Estate

Caledon is really a cluster of smaller communities, and you can’t get to know the area without taking the time to get to know all the little communities. It consists of an amalgamation of a number of urban areas, villages, and hamlets; its major urban centre is Bolton on its eastern side adjacent to York Region

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Caledon Real Estate is part of the Peel Region, and some of the villages include:
Click on the area to Discover Caledon beautiful properties.
Each brings a unique quality and personality to what makes Caledon such a peaceful and friendly place to live. It also checks off just about everything you need when moving to a new community. Caledon Real Estate has generous size lots, beautiful homes and more reasonable housing prices when compared to Greater Toronto Area.
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Quiet
  • Community-centric
  • Green and scenic

Surrounding Communities

Caledon is a region made up of smaller communities, but it’s also bordered by some high quality communities worth visiting. Get to know the surrounding communities that you can rely on when you want something more than what Caledon has to offer. 
Brampton, Vaughan, Halton Hills, Georgetown
Caledon School System

The Caledon School System

For families that are looking to move to the Caledon area. The school system is a very important feature of the area and Caledon is home to elementary, middle and secondary schools.  There are public and private options as well, and most areas are serviced by a reputed school or two.  Residents of Caledon will enjoy local school systems with short commutes, and Caledon is a good location to raise children overall.  Caledon has a low crime area and generally considered to be one of the safest communities surrounding Toronto.

A Place For Sports

Caledon is a good place to play outdoor sports in a relaxed area.  Whether you are a spectator or a participant, Discover Caledon to enjoy some great sports and recreation.  Are you interested in joining a team, sport, recreation or community group in Caledon?
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Cycling
  • Teen Ranch
  • Brampton Flight Centre
  • Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness
  • Caledon Equestrian Park

Explore the many organizations or groups and find one that interests you.

Caledon Sports Centre

Discover Caledon Recreation

Caledon is the place to be if you enjoy a laid-back sport that takes advantage of nature.  Enjoy a round of golf, a horseback ride through a green trail, or a calm cycle ride through the countryside.  There are hundreds of horse trails throughout the area, and many locations to ride your bike. Enjoy some of the nicest recreation opportunities and explore all that Caledon’s countryside has to offer.  The Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness offers a skate rink, climbing wall, squash court and much more to keep you busy.

Endless Outdoor Adventures

If you’re a big hiker or cyclist, the Caledon region is your oasis.  Infamous trails run throughout the entire region, perfect for weekend outings.  They’re so perfect, even city folks find their way over for weekend getaways exploring the many parks and trails of the region, especially during the colourful fall season.  Whether you are looking for a walk in the afternoon with the kids, or a hike with your partner or friends, Caledon Trail-way, and Bruce Trail are perfect for your mini adventures.

Caledon Outdoor Adventures
Caledon Restaurant

Restaurants & Hospitality in Caledon

Are you a big foodie? Do you love a good Instagrammable photo when out on the town?  One of the best attractions of each town are their restaurants, diners and Inns offering amazing homemade like cuisine served by the friendly faces from the community.  Discover Caledon’s for a wide range of restaurants for every diet, taste, and appetite.  The variety of dining establishments in Caledon include Japanese, Italian, Asian, Indian, and Canadian cuisine.  There are several places for great pizza and of course there are fast-food locations as well.  The Caledon Inn in Caledon East and Cheeks in Bolton a buzz on any given night with laughter, love and good grub.

Activities and Entertainment

Caledon may be a rural location, but it’s filled with exciting possibilities and there’s always something to do. Whether you want to connect with nature, experience some entertaining outdoor sports, dig through the local shops or even take in some art or a theatre performance, there’s a great deal for you to enjoy about Caledon.
Caledon Alton Mills Art Centre

Art and Theatre

Art galleries are regularly put on at the Alton Mills Arts Centre. The building is home to a heritage museum, a café and a collection of shops as well.  There are additional art studios and galleries throughout Caledon. Art enthusiasts will find plenty to see on a visit to the area.  Caledon is also home to two theatres that offer different plays during the year.  There is a big art festival held in Headwaters every year, including an art show, an art sale, literature readings, live concerts and more. Enjoy all the stunning live performances throughout the year.  Art and culture are thriving throughout Caledon and its surrounding communities.

Quality Shopping Experiences

If you enjoy quality shopping, head into Bolton during the day.  With several shops on a single strip and several other stores and shops throughout the area, you can keep yourself busy with a day spent exploring around Bolton and all that it has available.  In Caledon East you can discover wonderful gourmet food stores that makes a fun escape when you’re searching for those hard to find ingredients.
Caledon Shopping
Caledon Badlands

Explore the Natural Beauty of Caledon

Caledon’s natural beauty covers more than 700 square kilometres. Caledon is home to many trail systems, meadows,  ravines, conservation areas, parks and beautiful little natural settings. Whether you want to go bike, hike, boat, ride on horseback or just wander around the local communities, there is a lot of natural beauty to explore and Discover in Caledon.

Caledon Teen Ranch

Discover Caledon for some of the best equestrian schools in all of Ontario.  Caledon is a great place to pick up new skills. The Teen Ranch offers a range of summer camps across its 150 acres of land.  There are activities throughout the year and children can get acquainted while learning how to ride them well.
Caledon Teen Ranch
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Learn to Fly

Caledon is a great place to pick up new skills.  The Brampton Flight Centre is one of the top flight training schools in all of Canada. If you are hoping to learn how to fly, you will love having the Brampton Flight Training Centre area close by.  Take a group or individual flying tour to explore all the local sights. At the Brampton Flight Training Centre you can start taking lessons to learn how to fly all on your own.

Accessible Transportation

Worried about getting back and forth from the city?
Regardless of which part of Caledon you are residing in, you can easily access all the major highways connecting you to Toronto and the Niagara region.  Caledon is located conveniently just north of Brampton. The 400, 407, 427, 410 and that links you directly to the 403 and 401.  Going to and from work in the city couldn’t be more simple when you’ve got the entire 400 series within close proximity.
Do you prefer public transport?
Anyone that regularly travels throughout the Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area, you can hop on regularly scheduled GO buses that connects you to Brampton and on to Toronto. With the TTC expansion available all the way to Vaughan, moving out of the city has become a lot more accessible.
Are you a big business traveller?  
Living in Caledon can get you swiftly to and from the YYZ Pearson International Airport without the hassle of endless traffic or needing to plan an extra hour ahead to arrive on time.
Caledon Map

Safe and Sound

Did you know Caledon is among one of the safest cities in Canada? 
Caledon Ontario is a beautiful place to live and one of the most natural areas to call home that’s still within commuting distance of Toronto.  Caledon is known for its safety and for its long list of amenities. Caledon is also a community of communities, and once you’re familiar with the area there’s always something to see or do.
Whether you’re looking to raise a family or relax in retirement, enjoy the respectful, diverse, and inclusive community that makes up Caledon. Wake up to the sound of chirping birds every morning rather than the buzz of traffic, and run errands without having to put aside an extra hour of driving.

At Discover Caledon Real Estate, you can find local condos, single family homes, estate homes and land for sale.

Interested in learning which Caledon town best fits your lifestyle?

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